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How Important is Geographic Diversity When Choosing a College?

This winter, the University of Northern Colorado hosted a great program for Colorado counselors to come and learn about their campus. We had the chance to speak with faculty, take a tour, visit the business school, and learn about their admissions process. The University of Northern Colorado is a midsize university of about 10,000 undergraduate […]

Swarthmore College – Take A Seat!

As you visit colleges take the time to observe where students gather together, where they are studying, hanging out, or meeting professors. It can give you a great sense of how students interact with one another on campus. The Adirondack style chairs on the Swarthmore campus are a perfect place to do just that.

College Visits, Campus Tours, and Infomercials

Campus tours and information sessions are a critical part of the decision-making process. Except that they sometimes aren't. Learn why visiting campuses early and and close to home can help you get the most of these visits.

How to Visit a College Campus From Home

So summer is over and you did not have a chance to visit all of the colleges on your list.  Don’t worry, now you can visit campuses without ever leaving the comforts of home.  Here are few virtual campus tour sites to check out:  On this site you can search for schools alphabetically or […]

Visiting College Campuses: A Tour Guide Shares Tips

Sometimes campus tour guides go above and beyond.  While on the University of Alabama campus recently, I was treated to a private tour by a polite, knowledgeable, and good humored young gentleman.  He gave me the grand tour, and fielded my penetrating questions very well.  So I asked him whether he thought it would be […]