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Community College

Bad Grades Can Still Get You Into College–At a Price

Students with bad grades, low GPA, and low SAT and ACT test scores can still get into college. But can they graduate? Can they get financial aid? Mark responds to an inquiry from a student who wants it "honest and straight."

Traditional Four-Year College Degrees are the Exception, not the Rule

You must read this article by Neil Swidley in  the Boston Globe.  Mr. Swidley  pulls together some great information that shatters the myth of the four year college degree. Fact:  Census data from 2005 indicate that only 28% of Americans have obtained a Bachelors degree. Fact:  Only about 10% of Americans take the “traditional path” […]

Community Colleges Challenge Hierarchy With 4-Year Degrees

A recent article in the New York Times reports that many community colleges are morphing into four-year institutions offering Bachelor’s degrees. Part of this is about money. Part is about offering professional certifications and diplomas in vocational training (fire science, certain kinds of nursing, teaching, and the like). We are likely to continue to see […]

Community College Enrollments Continue to Climb

Yesterday I wrote about some research about average salaries of community college graduates, and I commented (negatively) on the researcher’s conclusions that students ought to think twice about attending community college. It seems that hordes of students are ignoring this researcher’s advice. According to Inside Higher Ed, a nationwide survey of 120 community colleges indicates […]

Federal Reserve Bank Says Don't Go To Community College

Well, methinks the community colleges of America will be having a cow about now. Yesterday, education reporter Mary Beth Marklein of USA Today announced a study that finds a Two-year ‘penalty’ if a student starts his or her higher education in a community college. The study, produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, […]

Former Criminal Needs College, Job Advice

Every once in a while I receive a question from someone for which there is no immediate answer.  Today I received a message from a young man who has done jail time, but who wants very much to get his life together.  I called him, and he seems quite sincere.  He gave me his permission […]

A Cubist’s View of US Community Colleges: Different Aspects Viewed Simultaneously

Two recent articles from education sections of two different publications paint different aspects of our community colleges. If we put the two together, we get an interesting sort of reality. Picasso would have loved this. We can develop a composite picture of a single entity by looking at it from different angles…and then reconstructing the […]

AP, IB, and Dual Enrollment (or PSEO): An Analysis

A reader recently wrote in to ask my opinion about dual enrollment courses, and to compare them to the Advanced Placement (or AP) options at her sons’ school.  The question came on a post I wrote analyzing the worth of AP courses. First, a brief word of explanation about “dual enrollment,” or what some know […]