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The Numbers Are In!

Inside Higher ED published a story earlier this week on a survey that was released by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).  According to the survey, 90 percent of colleges saw an increase in financial aid applications this year.  While this number is not that surprising given the state of economy, some of […]

Top Colleges See Little Fall in Freshman Commitments

Jacques Steinberg of the New York Times reports today that Top Colleges See Little Fall in Freshman Commitments. Unsurprisingly, students offered admission to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Pomona are accepting those offers at more or less the same rates as in years past. All of these schools have increased their financial aid budgets this year […]

Community College Enrollments Continue to Climb

Yesterday I wrote about some research about average salaries of community college graduates, and I commented (negatively) on the researcher’s conclusions that students ought to think twice about attending community college. It seems that hordes of students are ignoring this researcher’s advice. According to Inside Higher Ed, a nationwide survey of 120 community colleges indicates […]

Falling Stock Markets and College Budgets: Mergers & Bankruptcies on the Horizon?

Forbes posted an article on October 22, foretelling hard times in the country’s higher education industry.  With falling stockmarkets, declining endowments, and some colleges having loaded up with debt in the past decade or so, the article predicts that some colleges may be swallowed up by financially stronger competitors, or will at the very least […]