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Why Major in Music in College?

Why major in music? Because it is great preparation for a career at Microsoft! Here Mark reviews a speech by Brian Pertl, Dean of the Conservatory of Music at Lawrence University.

Syracuse University Adds Creative Writing to its English Department

If you’re considering Creative Writing as a major, you can now add Syracuse University to your list of schools which offer that opportunity As of Fall 2011, The English department of the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University has added two new tracks:  Creative Writing and Film and Screen Studies. According to the […]

Researching Majors and Degree Requirements–A Vocabulary Lesson

What are the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree?  How are these requirements different from one college to another?  What is a major?  What will I actually be studying?  Will I like this major? These are the academic questions at the heart of choosing a college. While there are many commonalities among colleges, there are many […]

Tips for Finding an Academically Challenging College

New research suggests that college students aren't really learning. So how do find a college that will be academically challenging? How do you know if the students at the schools you are visiting are academically engaged?