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Be Nice! (Part 2) It All Counts, Even on Facebook

Many colleges these days have Facebook pages that are maintained by admissions departments. So, before you go posting negative things on a college's Facebook wall, read my thoughts and remember how important it is to be nice in a public forum.

College Student Centers in the Age of Social Media

On a recent tour of colleges and universities in Pennsylvania, I  kept noticing that most of the common spaces on these campuses were relatively quiet.  Obviously, the time of day and the day of the week can make a difference in how many people one observes scurrying through student centers. And yet, one of my […]

Social Media and the Twitter Generation

Parents are sometimes having trouble communicating with their kids. Part of the problem is that kids are adopting new social media technologies at a rapid pace, which is redefining how people interact. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, have a look at this hilarious video from College Humor. Sing along! Mark Montgomery Educational […]

Facebook and College Admissions–"FacebookGate" and Evolution of Social Media

FacebookGate. That’s what blogger social media in education guru Brad J. Ward has called the College Prowler scandal, in which the purveyor of college guides was caught impersonating both students and colleges on Facebook in order to mine data and drive traffic to its website. The story has been widely reported, including in InsideHigherEd.  My […]