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Student loans

Comparing Salaries for Graduates from Different Colleges

If you're thinking about attending college in Colorado, you may be curious about which colleges produced graduates with the highest starting salaries. A recent report by the Colorado Department of Higher Education collected this type of data.

Student Loans–Too Much of A Good Thing

Student loans can help you pay for college.  But too many student loans can ruin your life. An article today in the New York Times reports that student loans have now outstripped credit card debt in the US, and that the amount of loans will surpass $1 trillion next year. That’s a lot of debt. […]

Financial Aid: Changes to Student Loan Programs Explained

A recent article in Business Week does a great job in explaining the many changes to the Federal student loan program that went into effect on July 1st.  I recommend that you read the entire article, but here are the highlights: The new legislation has removed the “middlemen” of private lenders from the student loan […]