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The SAT is not Always Needed to Get into College

You don’t have to take the SAT or the ACT to get into a four-year college! For juniors about to take the March SAT, it’s comforting to know that there are almost 850 four-year colleges known as the “Fair Test Schools” which do not require standardized tests for acceptance. Instead of looking at the SAT […]

The March SAT

The deadline for the March 10th SAT is in less than a week! The SAT test costs $49 if you sign up before February 10th.  After that, you’ll incur an additional $26 late fee if you want to take the test. Typically, the March SAT is the most popular test date of the entire year. […]

It May Be January, But It’s Not Too Late to Apply to College! Part 2

If you missed the January deadlines for college applications for the Class of 2016, don’t fret.  There are still many great colleges which have February deadlines.  Many names you will recognize. So if you like to procrastinate.  Or if you’ve suddenly found the cure for cancer and have a brilliant new essay topic.  You might […]