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Unweighted GPA

Your Unweighted GPA and How Colleges Read Transcripts

Students and parents ask all the time about how colleges value weighted and unweighted GPAs. The admissions office at College of the Holy Cross shared its in-house analysis form with the New York Times, allowing a peak into how carefully colleges look at your transcript. The form can be found here.  It’s interactive, and quite […]

Weighted GPA, Unweighted GPA, Class Rank, and College Admission

Why do high schools give extra weights to honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses? Readers of some of my other posts related to GPA have expressed confusion.  I have stated that admissions folks at selective colleges are most interested in your unweighted GPA.  So these extra weightings are, in effect, stripped in […]

GPA Explained–With Some Simple Advice

One of my most popular posts is dedicated to explaining the difference between an unweighted and weighted GPA.  It generated a lot of discussion (and continues to do so). I thought I would take the opportunity to provide more clarity about how a GPA is used in the college admissions process. But an initial word […]