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Testimonial Form for Students

Hi! Thanks for offering to do a testimonial for us. We appreciate your time and willingness to help us.

Take a few minutes to respond to the questions below, and just press the “submit” button. We’ll get the form in our email.

Thanks again, and we’ll be in touch again soon!

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Mark, Andrea, & Karen
The Team at Great College Advice

Testimonial Form--Students

You can use the questions below to help you organize your thoughts, but you can also feel free to add anything else you want to say in the bottom box. PLEASE USE COMPLETE SENTENCES! Thanks. Thanks again!
  • With whom did you work?
  • Why was it important for you to get some help with the college selection and applications process?
  • What is the most valuable piece of advice or activity you did with your counselor (e.g., choosing colleges, preparing applications, writing essays)?
  • What do you feel you got out of the process of working with your counselor?
  • Do you agree to let us use what you have written for our marketing purposes. We will identify you only by your initials, the college you have decided to attend, and your home town.

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