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University of Wyoming–The Benefits of Attending A Wealthy State College

Often when I visit a college campus, I sit down with students to discuss their experiences. Such discussions initially unnerve the students (“Who are you, and what do you want?”).  But when they realize that I’m genuinely interested in learning about their college, they usually open up and share the good with the bad.

The young woman in this video, Allie Coit, is a third year student at the University of Wyoming. She had recently transfered to the university from Northwestern Community College.  She was delighted with her decision to continue her studies in Laramie, and she had some good things to say about the advantages of a larger universities (great facilities, for example).  She also admitted that the large size also caused her problems in navigating the bloated bureaucracy and advocating for herself.

Have a look at what she had to say about being a Wyoming student.

Note that this young woman transfered from one of Wyoming’s community colleges.  In what may turn out to be a trend in higher education, students are turning to their local community colleges to get their general education requirements out of the way, and then turning to the state flagship university to complete their major and obtain their degree.

Such a trajectory can save a family loads of money and still provide a student with an excellent education.

Mark Montgomery
College Counseling

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