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When Is Best Time to Visit a College Campus?

As an  independent college consultant, I’m asked all the time my opinion on the best time to visit a college campus.  My usual answer is, “Whenever you can.”  There are pros and cons to visiting a campus at every time of year.  But some of my favorite visits have been in the middle of the winter–especially on campuses where the weather can be quite cold.  On a recent visit to Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, I took a few moments to explain why wintertime can be the best time to visit a university.



I’m here now on the campus of Lawrence University up in Appleton, Wisconsin.  You know a lot of people ask me, “What is the best time to visit a college campus?  Is it summer time?  Is it spring break, fall break?”  Actually I think probably the best time to visit Appleton, Wisconsin is in the winter because it’s really cold, and it will give you a better sense of what the campus life is really like while students are here on the campus and in session.

Despite the cold this is a really, really vibrant, active place.  You see students walking across campus. They’re not afraid of the cold; they’re dressed for the cold. Okay, maybe a few of them are wearing, you know, a little bit too skimpy outfits, they’re parents might be, you know, a little bit upset.  But they all deal with the weather.

So, one of the best times to come visit a college campus is when students are in session, and wintertime can be great.  Especially in these cold places, you’ll get a better sense of what really happens here.

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