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Why Attend University of Pennsylvania? One Woman's Story

As I explained in a previous post, I recently asked a group of friends about their experiences in selecting a college or university.

This is one alumna’s account of how she chose the University of Pennsylvania.

“When applying to college I was pre-med, so I looked for schools that had high acceptance rates of their seniors to medical schools. . . I was a crappy science student and changed my focus midway through. That factor heavily weighed on my decision to go to UPenn, otherwise I’d have likely wound up at BU (one of my safeties), which was offering me some serious tuition reduction.

I think diversity of course offerings is really key. The vast majority of the people I went to school with changed majors at least once. One switched 3 times, winding up with a double major. The odds are good that you won’t graduate on the same path you entered college on because college experiences can completely reshape your priorities and passions.

Also, look for schools that offer credit for participating in a semester abroad. A semester in Australia was the best part of my college experience. It’s a great experience to steep yourself in another culture and see how other cultures view America.”

This person went on to pursue a graduate degree at the University of Southern California and is now a free-lance marketer and fundraiser for non-profit organizations.

Mark Montgomery
Montgomery Educational Consulting

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