Another Opening, Another Show

Ferris wheelThe newest incarnation of the Carnival of Education is full of thrills and chills from the EduSphere. History is Elementary is our host this week. As always, the Carnival is full to bursting with interesting posts from across the educational (and political and geographical) spectrum. You should definitely check it out.My favorite posts this week:

The Kafkaesque K describes her experiences teaching writing to college freshmen, reinforcing the point I made in a recent post.

A list from Pick the Brain of the five most important considerations in learning a foreign language.

Alan Gottlieb’s criticisms of the Denver Classroom Teachers’ (the union in Denver) plan to reform the district’s schools. Alan writes eloquently for Head First Colorado…and his argument is dead-on.

And, should you want to read my entry to the Carnival, have a look at this.

Enjoy the ride at the Carnival.

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