International Student Immigration Issues: Beware of the H-1B cap!

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When is the right time to begin to take the SAT or ACT? The head of our Westfield, NJ office gives her opinion.

Foreign Language Requirements For College Admissions Explained

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International Student Immigration Issues #8: The Latest Immigration Proposals Explained

Immigration reform is being hotly debated right now in the U.S. government, and the latest proposals can have a significant impact on international students and their futures after completing college or graduate school. Read on to get Laurie Woog’s (our immigration attorney guest blogger) take on the situation.

Accepted Early Decision? Time to Notify Your Other Schools!

Now that you’ve been accepted Early Decision at your school of choice, what should you do about your other applications? Read on for advice on how to communicate with your remaining schools.

Class of 2017 Early Application Results from Highly Selective Colleges: What Do They Indicate?

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My Top Websites for Financial Aid Information

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Demystifying the CSS Profile

Financial aid applications can be overwhelming and confusing! Here’s what you need to know about the CSS Profile and the process of completing it on time.

Did Your College Receive Your Test Scores? Check the Portal

Don’t assume that your college application is complete. Instead, ensure that your college application is complete. Mistakes happen in the application process, and you should do what you can to avoid them. By checking student portals and following up directly with schools, students can be sure that their applications are good to go!

When Choosing A School: Which Costs Less? Private vs. Public. In-State vs. Out-of-State.

The second in our series about mistakes people make when choosing a college. Don’t walk away from a school just because you think it might be too expensive.