Dear Northeastern University………You’ve Been Nabbed by the Word Police!

English language challenges are everywhere with problematic communications from colleges. This time a letter from Northeastern University gives a student a questionable impression of the school.

Lafayette College – Offering Engineering with a Liberal Arts and International Twist

Lafayette College provides a perfect partnership of engineering and liberal arts

Even Colleges Can Use A Little SAT Vocabulary Help Every Now and Then

Everybody makes mistakes, even colleges and universities. Check out Clark University’s Common App vocabulary problem. But remember, to err is human, to forgive divine!

Private University at Public School Price–Financial Aid for Smart Students

If you do well in school, you will be rewarded. Seton Hall has announced deep discounts for top students. You can now attend a private university at a public school price.

Value of a College Degree

The value of a college degree may not be what it used to be. ┬áTuition hikes, increasing loan debt, extended graduation timelines, and uncertain employment opportunities due to the economic downturn all have led some to question the value of a college degree. ┬áThe Wall Street Journal recently published an article where experts debate the […]