10 Questions About How To Get Into College

Get answers to the 10 most often questions about how to get into college. What are the most important aspects of the college admission process that you should master?

Is Your Kid Cut Out For College? Take this quiz:

Here are a few quick questions to ask yourself to help you decide if your kid is cut out for college, ready for the rigors of an independent academic life, and all the rewards and responsibilities that come along with it. Do they get good grades? A well-rounded student is involved in more than just […]

Which College Is Right For You?

There are many aspects of the college search that must be considered when you decide to apply. Among the most important is where to apply. It may be easy to consider applying to a college or university that is nearby, or that your best friend is applying to, or is where a parent went to […]

How Much Should You Be Spending To Get Into College?

Putting your child through college may be the biggest expense you have to consider when raising your child, by far. But you’re committed to making it happen because it’s also one of the most important considerations you will have. And the process starts long before your child’s college career begins. Applying to college has its […]

5 Misconceptions About How To Get Into College

1. I have to do community service. Doing community service is a fine choice for extracurricular activity, if you enjoy it. It can be a satisfying and selfless way to contribute to society. But it is not necessary to have community service listed as an activity on your college application. You should put your extracurricular […]

7 Little Changes To Make Getting Into College Easier

Read books – One of the things that sets successful students apart from those who are less successful is that they read for enjoyment. There’s no better way to expand your mind, your vocabulary and your outlook on life than to read books. Talk to your teachers, about anything – Before and after class, show […]

When To Talk to Kids About Student Debt

When should you talk to your kids about student debt? As soon as possible. Don’t wait until they are about to graduate. Some debt is good. Some debt amounts to an anvil around a young person’s neck.

Community Service for the College Application? Look at the YMCA.

Families often ask me for guidance on selecting the best community service and leadership development programs for their students. I recently came across a program organized by the local YMCA in my area that illustrates how easy it really is for students to get involved in community service. However, too often community service is just […]

How Do I Calculate My Real GPA?

Your GPA is the most important aspect of your college application. Do you know how to calculate it the way that college admissions officers do? Is your GPA inflated and full of fluff? Or does it reflect academic rigor? Learn the facts.

If My Grades Are Bad, Can I Still Go To College?

The short answer is yes.  I’ve worked with a number of students who had bad grades in high school, but went on to do well in college.  I’ve also worked with a few, however, who weren’t quite ready for prime time. So while the answer is yes, a student with bad grades can still go […]