Who Owns A Teacher Recommendation? Or, What Happens If A Teacher Changes Her Mind About You?

If a student misbehaves or otherwise angers a teacher, does that teacher have the right to revoke a previously written letter of recommendation? Mark Montgomery weighs in.

Ivy League Early Admissions Statistics for Class of 2021

Check out the early decision acceptance rates of some of the United States’ top universities, including all eight Ivy Leagues.

Stanford University Won’t Release Early Admissions Data

Stanford University has decided it will not release early admissions data this December.

Yale University Offers Early Admission to 871 Students

Yale University, an Ivy League school, just released its early admission data for the Class of 2021.

Princeton: Soaring Early Applications Leads to Sinking Acceptance Rate

Princeton saw a spike in early applications this year.

Brown University Admits 695 Early Applicants

Look at Brown University’s early admissions statistics over the years, and you see that nearly everything is going up.

MIT Grants Early Admission to Less Than 8% of Applicants

MIT’s Class of 2021 early admission rate underscores just how selective this school is.

Dartmouth College Releases Impressive Early Admissions Data

Ivy League gem Dartmouth College just released its early admissions data for the Class of 2021, revealing a large, diverse group of applicants.

Cornell University Early Admission: Huge Jump in Applications

Cornell University, an Ivy League school, saw a huge jump in early applications received this year.