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Beware Marketing Glitz from the Office of Admission

Mark Montgomery

Last night I was researching colleges for one of my clients and had a look at High Point University in High Point, NC. I previously knew nothing about. The website...

Study Abroad: Caveat Emptor

Mark Montgomery

At the dawn of the 21st century, every college in America is touting its smorgasbord of study abroad opportunities, from Albania to Angola to Australia and back again. For colleges,...

Preparations for NACAC

Mark Montgomery

I'm getting excited about my September trip to Austin for the annual conference of the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC). I'll have the opportunity to attend a college...

College Board Exits the Student Loan Business

Mark Montgomery

The New York Times reported on August 23 that the College Board--the home of the SAT--has decided to leave the student loan business in the wake of crackdowns on shady...

Consumer Reports Weighs In On Financial Aid

Mark Montgomery

The September 2007 Issue of Consumer Reports contains a call for greater clarity and consistency in the way colleges award financial aid and communicate those aid packages to families. Here's...


Mark Montgomery

Welcome to Montgomery Educational Consulting, a Denver-based firm providing affordable, expert advice to high school students and their families as they navigate the college selection and admissions process. We help...