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Is Your Kid Cut Out For College? Take this quiz:

Mark Montgomery

Here are a few quick questions to ask yourself to help you decide if your kid is cut out for college, ready for the rigors of an independent academic life,...

Getting into a top college

Getting Into A Top College: Expectations vs. Reality

Mark Montgomery

As you begin to consider your college application process, you are going to be hearing a lot of details from those who have gone before you, and gathering a lot...

How Much Should You Be Spending To Get Into College?

Mark Montgomery

Putting your child through college may be the biggest expense you have to consider when raising your child, by far. But you’re committed to making it happen because it’s also...

10 Questions About How To Get Into College

Mark Montgomery

1. What is the best summer program? This is actually not the right question to ask. The right question is ‘what is the best way to achieve something great?’ Choose...

7 Little Changes To Make Getting Into College Easier

Mark Montgomery

Read books – One of the things that sets successful students apart from those who are less successful is that they read for enjoyment. There’s no better way to expand...

Test Optional Admissions and Diversity on Campus

5 Misconceptions About How To Get Into College

Mark Montgomery

1. I have to do community service. Doing community service is a fine choice for extracurricular activity, if you enjoy it. It can be a satisfying and selfless way to...

When To Talk to Kids About Student Debt

Mark Montgomery

I had a conversation today with a young man about his major. Interestingly, it led us to talk about his student loans and how much student debt he might have...

YMCA logo

Community Service for the College Application? Look at the YMCA.

Mark Montgomery

Families often ask me for guidance on selecting the best community service and leadership development programs for their students. I recently came across a program organized by the local YMCA...

Should I Take the SAT Subject Tests?

Karen Aylward

We just learned Tufts University is no longer requiring SAT Subject Tests!  Very few schools do now. Harvard, MIT, Harvey Mudd and Caltech are among the very few that want...

How To Gap Year

Karen Aylward

Gap years are becoming more and more popular, with thousands of high school seniors electing to take a year ‘off’ between graduation and enrolling as a freshman at their college...