Blog Carnival Includes Thrills and Spills in Higher Education

This week’s Education Carnival is up and running at History is Elementary. Elementary History Teacher is one of my favorite bloggers, and she does a great job as host.

In addition to my own post about the upside of state standardized tests, my favorite higher education posts include:

A post by Ken Nubo that inquires whether college is really necessary. He concludes that “College kids are worthless.” I agree with little that Ken believes, except for this: college does not necessarily make a person successful or happy. Conversely, some without a higher education are not only happy, but financially successful, too. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say that college is a “waste” or that college kids are “worthless.” Ken overreaches in his hyperbole, though some of his points are good ones.

With at least five different colleges announcing enrollments of fifty thousand plus Campus Grotto asks, “Will colleges limit enrollment in the future?” Campus Grotto also provides interesting tidbits about the positive aspects of attending a large institution. You’ll have to decide for yourself the pros and cons of attending Ohio State, University of Florida, Arizona State, University of Minnesota, or University of Texas.

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