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10 Things College Applicants and Olympic Athletes Have in Common


With the 2012 Olympic Games in London underway, I only thought it fitting to think about the ways in which college applicants and Olympic athletes are similar. As a college applicant, you have more in common with an Olympic athlete than you might think!
1) You are trying to impress a group of individuals who primary job is to “judge” you.
2) You have been working hard to get to this point for many years, practicing, testing yourself, and improving along the way.
3) You are likely under a lot of pressure from your family, friends, and coaches.
4) You realize your scores matter.
5) You have been waiting four years for this.
6) You feel you have something to prove to yourself and those around you.
7) Your emotions are very much tied to the results of the outcome.
8 ) You may have had to overcome some hurdles to be where you are today.
9) You will have lots of people trying to give you advice about how to succeed or “win” this “game.”
10) You realize can’t control how those around you perform, you can only make sure you put your best foot forward.
Happy Olympic watching and college applying!


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