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University of Delaware


I recently visited the University of Delaware right around finals time.  The campus was abuzz with activity.  I took the opportunity to record some of my initial impressions in this short video.

If you prefer, you can read the transcript.
Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant
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I’m here right now on the campus of the University of Delaware.  It’s in the far north of the state of Delaware, not too far from Philadelphia but also close to Baltimore.  This is a wonderful public university, sort of a hidden gem, really, partly because Delaware is a small state.
I think about this school a lot when I talk to my Chinese students because it’s a large public university.  There’s a lot going on.  The DuPont building is right across the way, so, Chemistry is kind of big, certainly a comprehensive university.
The other thing that I like about it, it’s not so large.  It’s also close to several different urban areas, but not right in them, so, you can feel a part in sort of the Ivory Tower, if you will, but certainly can get into some of the major metropolitan areas in the United States by train.
It’s just not as well known as the Universities of Virginia, Michigan, North Carolina, Berkley, UCLA, the usual suspects when it comes to public universities in the United States.  So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive university that’s not overwhelmingly large but has a solid undergraduate education program, this is definitely worth a look.  It’s gorgeous.
Again, I’m here on a nice spring day around the time of finals, but there are students out on the lawn and the downtown area, the little main street with all the funky cafes, lots of people and a lot of people are studying too.  I see people going to the library behind me, so, a lot of people are heading that direction. A very nice university and I’m really glad I had a chance to visit myself.


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