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Admissions Counselor on Visiting Colleges: Some Care, Some Don’t


Mark Montgomery, expert educational consultant, demonstrates the personal touch Lynn University gives its campus visitors to make the point that if you’re trying to get admitted to a great college, remember that some care very much whether you visit their campuses, and some really don’t.

How Lynn University Does it

Here on the campus of Lynn University, they do everything with a personal touch. And it was very clear in both the tour and in our lunch today, with the Director of Admission and Associate Director of Admission, that really, they tailor their programs here to individual students. Small class sizes, really focused on student needs, and focused on trends for the future.

But one of the things that you can see here is that they even welcomed me by putting my name on the parking sign. As we pulled in the car to park, here’s my name. So they pride themselves on developing a very personalized experience for every student who comes here, because they know that the experience that every student has as a student is also very personal. So that’s the message they want to project and to communicate with you if you’re coming.

Some universities care a lot if you visit. Lynn cares a lot. I’m telling you, Harvard couldn’t care less if you attend an information session and a tour; they really don’t care. But a place like Lynn, they’re going to pay attention to you. They want to make sure that they’re doing the things that will make you successful as a student. So it starts when you pull your car in the parking space. It’s a personal touch.


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