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Advice for Juniors – Check Out What Local Colleges Offer This Summer


Juniors,  have you started thinking about what you will be doing this summer? How about spending some time on a college campus?
Many colleges and universities around the country offer programs for high school students during the summer. These may include programs where you can take a class for college credit, do a leadership program, play a sport, learn a language, write, explore a particular major and much more. While an obvious advantage to these types of programs may be bolstering your college application and resume there are many personal advantages for you. For example, taking a college class with a real college professor may give you that leg up when you actually enter college as a freshman. You will go into college with some previously earned credit and you will also have a sense of what a college class is like, the type of work expected of you and how to best interact with a professor. Another advantage to participating in one of these programs is learning what it means to live on a college campus. Often, these programs in the summer allow you to live right on campus in a residence hall. This gives you the opportunity to get a feel for having a roommate, living amongst other students, eating on campus, navigating your way around on your own and a sense of independence. These programs all have different lengths so whether you are looking to just spend a couple weeks or perhaps want to be away for a month or more you will likely find a program that interests you.
While there are programs at colleges all over the country to take a look at don’t forget to look at your local colleges as there may be special programs, or discounts, for in-state students.


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