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After the College Admissions Interview– Building A Positive Impression

thank-you written on a sticky note. Making a positive impression after your admissions interview

This series of posts on nailing the college admissions interview. As examined why colleges offer interviews, the types of college interviews and interviewers, your objectives in preparing for college interviews. And how to make a good impression.

Here we discuss the actions you should take after the interview is over. To continue building that positive impression in the office of admission.

When you get home, send a personal note to the interviewer thanking him or her for meeting with you. A handwritten note on a note card (in an envelope with a stamp on it!) will make a much better impression than an email.
You can also make the note specific and more personal by referring to particular things you learned in the interview. 

Examples of A Positive Impression

  • You learned about a specific program or campus organization in the interview, that you subsequently researched on the website and found to be particularly interesting or exciting.
  • Also that you were impressed by visiting a particular facility on campus after your interview.
  • You enjoyed learning something interesting about the interviewer (e.g., She majored in a subject you had never even considered. But have since researched on the website; he had done a study abroad program in France, just as you hope to do).
  • Refer to one new reason for which you are enthusiastic about this college that you discovered through the interview.

This practice of following up after an interview will be important throughout your life, as you interview for campus jobs, for internships. And for every job you get after you’ve graduated from college.  You’ve made it this far in the process. And it would be a shame to pass up an opportunity to continue building that good impression in the admissions office.  Do write that thank you note!
Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant


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