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An "AMAZING" Educational Consultant


As my seniors are gearing up for their freshman year, I sometimes get letters from parents thanking me for helping their kids through the college admissions maze.  I received this note the other day.  Sure is nice to hear that I made a difference.

I made the very wise decision to hire Mark Montgomery to assist my son, Alex, in his college search.  We did not start the college search until the fall of Alex’s senior year. The whole college search and application process was overwhelming.  I felt like helping Alex choose a college could become a full time job and I already had one of those.  Alex new he wanted to attend a college out of state, preferably on the East Coast.  Stymied by all the choices, I hired Mark to help Alex narrow the options and choose schools that fit his goals and abilities.

Our experience with Mark was AMAZING!  He is very professional, and he listened and analyzed Alex’s desires in developing a list of prospective schools.  He kept Alex on track and I did not have to be the one holding Alex to the admission deadlines.  I simply got to enjoy the process and help Alex make his final decision.

As a wrestler, Mark encouraged Alex to use his sport as a back door to some of his “stretch” schools.  Mark helped Alex develop letters to the coaches and pushed him to get them out in a timely manner.  Alex needed to raise his ACT scores and Mark lead us to a tutor that helped Alex raise his score 4 points!  Mark truly mentored Alex through the college maze and I think they will have a friendship for years to come.  I could write a lot more, however, in summary Mark’s services are worth every penny!  Alex has been accepted to Lehigh University with the bonus of a Dean’s Scholarship, and can hardly wait to start the next chapter of his life.

Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant

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