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Are You A Talented Colorado High School Student? Learn About the Boettcher Scholarship


Are you talented inside, and outside, the classroom? Are you a high school senior in Colorado? If so, you may want to take some time to learn about the Boettcher Scholarship.
When I worked at the University of Colorado Boulder, in admissions, I had the opportunity to work closely with the Boettcher Foundation, Boettcher Scholars, and actually be a part of the applicant review process for the scholarship. Boettcher Scholars are an amazing community of students and citizens.
The Boettcher Foundation awards undergraduate scholarships to Colorado’s best and brightest students.  Their merit-based awards essentially guarantee a full-ride to any 4-year institution in Colorado. The application process for this scholarship is very rigorous and the competition is steep. Annually, more than 1300 students apply for the 40 available scholarships.
Your high school counselor will be receiving updated information about the scholarship this month (September). Then, they are able to invite qualified students to apply so if you are interested make sure to connect with your counselor. To see if you might be a qualified applicant check out the Boettcher website.


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