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Are You Working on a Boettcher Scholarship Application?


Are you working on a Boettcher Scholarship application? If so, congratulations!

Just the fact that you were nominated by your high school means that you are a talented and high achieving student. You, and your family, should be very proud.

The first step to the Boettcher selection process is filling out the application. Make sure to take your time as you fill out the application to read, and understand, the questions that are being asked of you.

As the pool gets narrowed to the semi-finalist stage you will have your application reviewed alongside Colorado’s best and brightest. Just by the sheer fact of your nomination the Boettcher Foundation will know that you are a good student, now is the time to help distinguish yourself from your peers.

Keep in mind that during the selection process applicants will be evaluated according to the following:

  • Evidence of leadership and involvement
  • Service to community and school
  • Superior scholastic ability
  • Outstanding character.

The Foundation is clear on how they want you to focus this application through what they call the ACE strategy

C=Community Service
E=Extracurricular Activities

The “ACE” strategy is meant to help you ensure your application stands out. Show the application readers what you have done with your time in high school both inside the classroom and outside.

If you haven’t started your application, I recommend you start now!

For more information on the application process, deadlines, and selection criteria visit here.


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