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Ask The Colleges On Your List How They Help Sophomore Students Avoid The "Sophomore Slump"


For a number of years, college administrators have discussed the dilemma presented by the sophomore class on campus.
Colleges spend a lot of time and energy welcoming first year students to campus through orientation programs, residence hall activities, and convocations. However, for many sophomores students, when they return to campus, they are often in somewhat of an undefined “slump.” They are no longer being doted on like the incoming class. Their peers in the junior class may be heading off on study abroad programs and the seniors on campus are focused on their senior thesis, their job search and enjoying the last year of their college experience.
Many colleges are starting to realize that maybe they need to offer something special to help identify the sophomore class unity.  A number of colleges have spent the last few years implementing successful sophomore initiatives and programming. Now, according to a recent NY Times article colleges are taking even more action on behalf of sophomores. Colleges like Duke, Yale, and University of Denver are holding their own “kick offs” to the sophomore year. These strategies are often used for purposes of student retention and to re-energize the class.
So, during your next campus visit, maybe you should ask the admissions office what their campus does for sophomore students – not just for incoming students.


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