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Being Well-Rounded Is No Longer Necessary


Katherine comments on extracurricular activities and how colleges are now looking for students who are “well-lopsided” instead of being “well-rounded”.  Watch the video or read the transcript below for more information.

A lot of our students ask us about extracurricular activities.  They often want to know if a certain activity or event would be beneficial to participate in for their college applications.  Well, our answer sometimes may surprise students.  We often tell them that it is better to be well lopsided than to be well rounded.  In other words, it actually it is better to be really involved in a small number of activities and show your leadership potential by holding board positions, or maybe evening being a President of a club or organization; rather than doing a lot of different activities here and there.  Colleges really want to see that you are passionate about something and they really want to know that you are going to carry that passion with you onto their college campus.  So take some time to think about what you really want to become involved in and devote your time to a few activities instead of trying to do everything.
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant


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