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Benefits of Science Programs At Smaller Liberal Arts Schools


After attending a presentation by Connecticut College, Knox College, Lawrence University, Lewis and Clark College and Occidental College, Katherine and Cara discuss the benefits of majoring in science at a small liberal arts institution. Watch the video below or read the summary for more information.

So, what are the benefits to studying science at a liberal arts college vs. a large research institution? Read below for the highlights of Cara and Katherine’s discussion.
Research Opportunities
Students who are thinking about going into the sciences, particularly those that want to be pre-med, traditionally think that they need to attend a large research institution in order to get the research experience experince they are looking for. But I think what we learned today is that there a lot of small liberal arts schools out there that really do provide the hands on research opportunities that students need. Also there is not a lot of competition at these schools for research opportunities so it really is available to a wide-variety of students who attend that school.
Excellent Professors
Professors often come from top research institutions to smaller liberal arts colleges to get that interaction with the undergraduates. They often want their offices right next to the research labs where their students are going to be working so that they can check in with them.
No Graduate Students
Another benefit is that often times at a small liberal arts school there are no graduate students. It is specifically an undergraduate focused education so that means you are not taught by graduate students, you are being taught directly from professors. You are also not competing with graduate students again for those hands-on research opportunities.
Katherine Price and Cara Ray


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