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Best College Admission Presentation Ever


Who doesn’t like a compliment?
I gave a presentation last month to a large group of parents at Burlington High School in Burlington, Massachusetts. Over the holidays I received a very kind letter from a parent who attended. I figured I may as well share this note with my readers.
Hi Mark, I just want to tell you that I am a mother of a senior at Burlington High School. I have been to numerous college presentations over the past few years. When I heard there was another one on the night that you were there I wasn’t sure I should attend.
But, after dealing with ALL of the stress with my daughter, I decided to go because I also am the mother of a sophomore as well. Your lecture was the best one I had been to and I told EVERYONE at work the next day! I wish some of them heard you as well.
I also emailed the director of Guidance to tell him how wonderful you were. I really wish the students of juniors and seniors could have heard you!
My daughter has been accepted to a few schools so far, so that is a huge relief. The only problem now will be the financial burden!!
Thanks again for your words of encouragement.
Happy Holidays to you.
Sincerely, K.L.
I’m happy to know that parents find my presentations helpful. If you would like to book me for a similar presentation at your school, send me a shout through my contact page.
Mark Montgomery
Motivational Speaker on College Admission


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