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Beware of Senioritis (And Junioritis Too)


Senioritis…. Symptoms include laziness, lack of motivation, procrastination, skipping class and a general lack of caring.  Outcomes may be:  a drop in academic performance, a dismal final transcript and revocation of your college admission!
By now most seniors are a little tired.  You have taken all the AP classes, survived the college application process and you feel you are entitled to a little break.  Why do you need to go to class now?  You already know where you will be going to college in the fall so what could you possibly get out of the last few weeks of high school?
While skipping class and not studying for your last test of high school may seem harmless, reality is that it could have dire consequences.  Colleges are not going to hestitate to take drastic actions if you produce a final transcript that is vastly different from the one you submitted when you were admitted.  Some may give you a slap on the wrist and put you on academic probation through your first semester, but others may take it one step further.
Colleges sent out larger waiting list this year, so there are plenty of students eager to take your place should you fall below the academic standards of the school you are planning on attending.  They will not hesitate to revoke your admission.
Seniors are not alone with this ailment.  Juniors who are currently over their heads trying to prepare for several AP exams also often let their classes slide this time of year.  Again, your final transcript is important and one drastic grade slip could mean trouble when you apply for colleges in the fall.
What to do if you feel yourself slipping into the abysis of indifference?
Prioritize.  Look at your assignments and work on the subject you are the least excited about first.  That way once you get that assignment done you will feel a sense of accomplishment and will be more motivated to move onto the next subject.  You may also want to start with the class that you need to work on the most.  If your grade has slipped the most in math, then start with math.
Take small steps.  Work on everything you have to do in small time allotments.  Don’t sit down and think that you can get done 10 hours of work all at once.
Give yourself rewards.  Set small goals for yourself each day.  If you accomplish those goals, then allow yourself time to do something you like to do.
Cut down on distractions.  If you need to concentrate, make sure you are not easily distracted.  Put your phone in a different room, stay away from the internet and turn off the TV.  Try and remain focused on what you need to accomplish until it is done.
Ask for help.  If you are really feeling overwhelmed and you know you are in trouble, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Go to your teachers and work out a plan of action.  Find out exactly what you need to do to salvage your grade.  Sometimes taking ownership of your mistakes can really make a difference!
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant
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