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Beware of the Turkey Drop


The “turkey drop” can be one of two things.  It is often referred to when first-year students return home for Thanksgiving break and break it off with their high school sweethearts.  Suddenly the reality of a long distance romance and the temptations of college hit home and they want to return to school without a significant other.
For colleges, the “turkey drop” has a different meaning.  Schools have long identified the term with first-year students who struggle with adjusting to their college or university and return home over the Thanksgiving break to announce that they would like to transfer.  Several students struggle with homesickness or just feel that college was not everything they thought it would be. published a story on the “turkey drop” phenomenon earlier this month.  The article advises parents to let the student “vent” and realize that doubts are a normal part of the adjustment process.  However, if the doubts persists, it is advisable for the student to obtain help.  Help can range from speaking to an advisor at the institution, such as an academic advisor, resident assistant or a peer mentor.  Formal counseling can also help.
My previous post on the transfer experience can offer insight on the process should a student decide that is the best route for them.  Remember that transferring is a big decision and it is important to explore all of your option before you jump to any conclusions and “drop” your current school.
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant
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