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Carnival of College Admission: Lucky 13th Edition

DefaultImage, folks, we made it to our Lucky 13th Edition of the Carnival of College Admission.  Hard to believe we’ve been running nearly 26 weeks…almost half a year.  What’s more, this Lucky 13 Edition falls near St. Patrick’s Day, when luck is sprinkled about by those jovial Irish.  So we have a lot of good luck to celebrate.

First and foremost, we’re luck to have such a great bunch of bloggers submitting their best work to the Carnival.  So without further ado, let’s dig in and get lucky (so to speak!).

The College Search

The current recession has made many students re-think their college choices and even transfer to a more affordable school. Student blogger, Ally Demos from, presents a video blog about how the economic crunch is affecting college students.  The post is entitled College Students Feel the Economic Crunch posted at myUsearch blog.

Wassan Humadi offers some excellent advice for international students as they select a college or university in the United States at Al-Jamiat Magazine.

Considering an online course? TJ Hanson advises that you check to see if the class measures up against  The Five Attributes of Excellent Web-based Courses – What a Student Should Expect | The Digital Student Blog posted at The Digital Student Blog.

A family was just asking me today when is the best time to visit colleges.  James Maroney advises that no matter the time of year, you need to focus on Getting the Most out of the College Visit .  You can visit James’ other posts at the Blog.

Sarah Scrafford presents 100 Awesome Open Courses and Lectures for Digital Artists posted at Online

Finally, Yours Truly has a post about the value of a philosophy major, and a liberal arts degree in general.  You can check my blog, well, here

The Admissions Process

Writing a college admission essay anytime soon?  Tom Tessin advises that you may want to look at some College Application Essays Tools posted at FCC Student Blog.

Linda Abraham, an expert in graduate admissions, presents 4 Steps to Writing About Your Potential to Contribute posted at Accepted Admissions Almanac.

Todd Johnson has some excellent words of advice and caution for students awaiting admissions decisions this month.  He points out that students have rights, and that colleges that put undue pressure on studenst are violating accepted ethical practices in the profession.  Check out Todd’s blog here.

Boarding Schools

Brian Fisher wrote a piece about Gould’s 9th graders visiting China, entitled Gould Academy’s 9th Grade Class Travels to China posted at onBoarding Schools.

Test Prep

Mark Truman summarizes why College Board, the makers of the SAT, aren’t being completely honest about their new Score Choice program, arguing that the College Board’s SAT Score Choice Debacle Should Make You Want to Take the ACT. You can read Mark’s other posts at Omniac Attack!.

Nate gives counter arguments in his offering,  Five Reasons to Take the SAT , posted at Debt-free College.

Graduate Schools

Khan presents A Higher Degree Can Open Doors to Many Opportunities. posted at Higher Education and Career Blog.  Khan notes that advanced education must be weighed against the real world experience you might gain during the same amount of time.

Dave Van de Walle notes that chiropractors sometimes get a bad rap. In his offering this week, a D.C. helps us dispel some myths – part of a new blog launched by U Sphere called Med School Sphere. The post is entitled A Chiropractor Answers Questions on “Why Get a Chiropractic Degree?” .

Adam Markus discusses basic MBA Application Interview Strategy.  He makes the case that a proactive approach based on not merely on reacting to questions is best. Simply preparing answers to typical interview questions is insufficient. Instead applicants need to know what they want to say about themselves by focusing on key selling points and stories that will support those selling points. Read more of Adam’s thoughts about B-School admission at Adam Markus: Graduate Admissions Guru.

Dagny presents four sure-shot ways to handle low GPA in your Business School application. His post, entitled Little Known Ways to Handle Low Grade Point Average (GPA) posted at TotalGadha GMAT. Also offers some  success stories of the students who have already made it to Business Schools by overcoming the low GPA hurdle.

Career Planing

Genevieve M. Blaber presents College – U. Got It? Three Careers that Accommodate Busy Lives .  Can you guess which three she focuses upon?  Give her a read at College – U. Got It?.

Financial Aid

Eric Perron, the host of our last edition of the Carnival of College Admission, likes to talk back to the television.  He offers his critique of a recent program on college admission, aptly titled Come On “CBS Early Show”, This Is The Best Advice You Have To Pay For College? posted on his blog, Dream Strategy.

Larry Ferlazzo presents Estimate The Cost Of College posted at Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day….

Wenchypoo presents The Next Collapse: Colleges posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Nate presents 4 Debt-free Ways to Pay for College posted at Debt-free Scholar.

Jim presents FAFSA State Grant Deadlines posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

College Life

Carleigh presents The art of electives posted at Study Blog.

Deryl L. Sweeney II offers  a little advice about getting creative when the parents shut off that allowance. Appropriately enough, his post is titled, Creativity Is Key If You Want to Survive the Recession on a College Campus , and you can find it at 2East: The College Living Blog.

For College Admissions Officers

Cort Johnson and his colleagues at goSwoop focus on helping colleges improve their ability to reach out to international students. He asks,  Is your International Student Marketing Remarkable? , and he helps to provide some answers at The goSwoop Blog.

Other Cool Stuff

If going back to school has been on the back burner for a while because of other commitments, it might be time to look into online learning. Dawn Papandrea presents Dust Off Your Back-To-School Dreams posted at CollegeSurfing Insider.

On To Number 14…

That wraps up this edition of the Carnival of College Admission. I’d like to thank last week’s host, Eric Perron, for doing a “dreamy” job.

The next edition will be hosted by Dave Van de Walle of Usphere, and will go live on March 25th.  So get your submissions in early by posting to our handy dandy form .

For those who would like to have a look at past editions, visit our Carnival Homepage and Archives.

Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant

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