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Carnival of Education #150: Step Right Up!


The Education Wonks have done it again! They have opened the latest edition of the Carnival of Education.
Here are some of my favorite posts from this week’s round-up:
Yale freshman Sam Jackson looks at the complicated issue of whether colleges and universities should have complete access to the high school disciplinary records of applicants. Disclosing youthful transgressions can sometimes sink a kid’s chances of getting into top flight schools, or so many high school guidance counselors think. But some argue that kids should ‘fess up and disclose the disciplinary action, and to talk about how they have turned around their behavior. Of course, it all depends on what the infraction is: carrying a loaded gun into school is not the same as forgetting to take the Swiss Army knife out of your backpack after your return from a weekend hike.
High School Volleyball Coach has compiled some excellent information about athletic scholarships.
And Campus Grotto makes a good case for attending college…because the experience is more than just the academics and the professional training. College life is important in a whole host of ways.
Have a look at all the other great posts, too.


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