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Carnivals A-Go-Go


Some of my favorite blog carnivals are up and running, offers gobs of helpful information.
The Carnival of Education is up at the Education Wonks.  My favorite post there is Funny Graduation Speeches hosted at Campus Grotto.  Side-splitting humor posted on YouTube.
Over at the Carnival of LinkedIn Bloggers, hosted at, I really like the following post:
Matt DiChiara presents Lone Male Roommate Examines Prior Judgments posted at MyNewPlace Blog, which explore the pros and cons of sharing living space with women. I shared a house with a couple of Dartmouth classmates out of college, and enjoyed the experience.
Over at the Carnival of Financial Planning, hosted by The Skilled Investor, I like the following couple of posts:
Ken Clark, CFP presents Financial Aid Calculator: Using to Estimate Your Federal Aid posted at Saving for College –, saying, “How to get a quick estimate of your Federal financial aid from the Dept. of Education.”
Christopher Johnson presents Surviving Student Loans posted at
Then, as if that weren’t enough, there is the Carnival of Homeschooling, hosted by Tami. My favorite posts there include:
Janice Campbell presents SAT* Workshop and Teenage Proofreaders posted at Janice Campbell: Taking Time For Things That Matter.
Dana presents Homeschooling without credentials leads to educational anarchy posted at Principled Discovery. I like this post because it presents the debate about homeschooling in an interesting light from the perspective of one family who is dedicated to the practice. I rather like the idea of choice in education: it certainly exists at the level of higher education.
Finally, we have the Money Hacks Carnival that focuses on how to save money–including on education. This week it is hosted by Broke Grad Student.
My favorite post there is this creative piece about how to stay in debt at I’ve Paid Twice For This Already….
So there you have the latest carnival roundup.
Carnivals are fun, don’t you think?
Mark Montgomery
College Counselor in Private Practice


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