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Check Out Bulletin Boards On Your Next Campus Visit


      It was a quiet Sunday afternoon as I walked the campus of Villanova University on a recent trip to Pennsylvania. There were not a lot of students outside since it was a blustery fall day so there were not a lot of people for me to talk to and ask questions of. I wandered into a few open buildings and what caught my eye was the bulletin boards that lined the hallways. These bulletin boards (like the one I took a picture of to the left) advertised campus events, concerts, theater performances, tutors, meetings, job postings, study abroad opportunities, greek life, and much more. It was a great way to get a little inside glimpse into what was happening on campus when there weren’t a lot of students to talk with.
On your next campus tour, as you are following the tour guide through hallways of buildings, stop to check out the bulletin boards you pass. This is a great opportunity to see how active the campus is and if there are programs or events that you, as a student, would be interested in participating in.
If you aren’t going to be able to visit a campus in the near future make sure to check out their online “bulletin boards.” Most campuses have online events calendars that you can take a look at to see what is going on during a particular week or month. Student involvement at college is very important and is often a big factor in student success in college so make sure the school you are looking at has listings that look interesting to you and that you would want to take part in. Also, if you are planning a campus visit check out the online campus calendars to see if there is a guest speaker, performance or sporting event that coincides with your visit.


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