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College Bookstores – Not Just for Books Anymore


How many college tours have you been on where the campus tour ended at the bookstore? Did you take the time to go inside and look around?
One of my favorite things to do when visiting a college campus is to visit the college bookstore – not necessarily to buy anything- just to see what they have in stock, how easily accessibly everything is, and to see a little bit of the spirit of the school.
College bookstores have changed significantly over the past few years.  While they used to be the go-to spot for text books, many students are now ordering books online through Amazon for cheaper prices, renting textbooks, or purchasing copies on their tablet device. College bookstores have also had a strong hold on college apparel for many years as a place for prospective students to buy the sweatshirt of their dream school or current students to stock up on clothing for the big game…but what else can you find there besides books and clothing?
A recent visit to the University of Colorado’s bookstore had some fun surprises including: pasta, rubik’s cubes, cowboy boots, dog treats and more! In addition, there were art materials, dorm decorations, grill sets, chairs, calendars, computers, snacks, along with all of the textbooks and clothing items.

Take the time to check out the bookstore on your next college visit, you never know what you might find!
Mark Montgomery
Expert Educational Consultant


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