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College Expert on Lynn University's Free Music Conservatory


College admissions expert Mark Montgomery advises that if you’re trying to get into a great university and are interested in a music conservatory, consider Lynn.

I’m here on the campus of Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida and behind me you can see the Performing Arts Center. This is where one of the three presidential debates in 2012 between president Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was held. But it’s really the Performing Arts Center for a music conservatory here at Lynn. It’s a smaller program but it is highly renowned. It’s primarily international students, kids come from all over the world to study music here. And, bonus, it’s free. So if you get in, you don’t pay tuition. And if you still need more money because you have a financial need, then scholarships might be available to help pay for the cost of room and board. So if you’re looking for a music conservatory, there are not many better deals in the country than the Lynn University Conservatory.


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