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College Expert on Saving Money Lynn University Style


Mark Montgomery, expert educational consultant, goes to Lynn University to discuss their cost-cutting approach to scheduling that should interest anyone trying to find the right college.


Here on the campus of Lynn University, I am in the International Business Center. It’s named after Mohammed Indimi, who gave the money for this building. And besides seeing these absolutely phenomenal study rooms that any student can reserve with a swipe of their ID, I wanted to talk a little bit about a couple of other innovative features at Lynn University.

Number one saving money tactic

They have a January term here, so that during the month of January, three weeks, you take one class — sometimes you can take two — one class that is more intensive, shorter duration, but still gives you credit towards your degree. One of the advantages of the J term and a way that Lynn organizes their academic calendar is that it’s possible to get your undergraduate degree in three years instead of four. So as our tour guide said when we asked her, “So why would you do that?” She says, “To save a bunch of money!”

So that’s a great thing about Lynn, again, Lynn likes to do things a little bit differently, so they have found a way to make it possible for students to do that exact same amount of coursework, the exact number of credit hours, as any other university. But they do it in a more condensed fashion so the students can reduce their time to their degree, and then reduce their opportunity costs. They can get out. They can get into the workforce much more quickly. So it’s an innovative way to keep things moving for students and to reduce the costs of higher education, which we all know in this country is extremely expensive. So Lynn is making it possible for you to save money and still get a quality education.


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