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Using Food as a Decision Factor in the College Search


Do you plan to eat in a campus dining hall during your college visit? Maybe you should! Students, and parents, are increasingly paying more attention to the food options on college campuses. As families decide where to send their student to college they are no longer just considering a school’s offering of a particular major, location, or physical beauty.  They are also considering how well their student will be fed on campus.
Campuses are making sure those “foodie” needs are being met. Colleges are offering nutritionists, accommodating for allergies, and focusing on a green dining movement . In addition, colleges are supporting students who choose to be vegan, vegetarian, and eat organic. Essentially, colleges are keeping up with what the students want.
Schools such as Southern Vermont College are even taking the power of food to a whole new level and offering a Campus Community Dinner Series modeled after the value of family dinners.
Many colleges, including the University of Colorado Boulder’s Center for Community have moved to a restaurant concept. Today’s students are excited to see fresh and healthy options in the dining halls. While students will tell you that eating healthy is extremely important they also crave variety.  To meet those needs some schools are offering up everything from sushi to burritos while still keeping those dining hall staples such as burgers, pizza, and macaroni and cheese on hand
Here are are some recent rankings of schools with the best food,


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