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College Graduates with the Least and Most Debt


How much will your college degree cost?  The expense of a college education has become a very hot topic.  More students, and certainly their parents, are becoming aware of the need to consider overall cost when trying to decide which schools to apply to and ultimately, which school to attend.
Last week, Yahoo Finance published a summary of US News findings of colleges that list the schools whose graduates carry the most and the least amount of debt.  Who is at the top of the list?  Princeton University’s graduates have an average amount to $5000 in debt upon graduation and only 25% of students borrowed money.  Clark Atlantic University is the top of the “most” list, with 94% of their students borrowing money and graduating with an average amount of $47,066 in debt.
Granted, not every student can attend Princeton, but you should take into consideration the amount of financial aid that may be available to you at the schools on your list.  Review our previous post:  Choosing a College:  Don’t Ignore the Cost for more helpful tips on how to determine the cost of your degree.
Katherine Price
Senior Associate


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