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College Interviews-Start practicing early!


Are you interviewing at any colleges this fall? If so, here a few tips as you prepare.

1. Practice, practice, practice! Whether you practice with your counselor, a friend, a parent, in front of the mirror, or on video the more you practice for interviews the more likely it is that you will pick up on those slight quirks you didn’t even realize you had. For example, are you conscious of how much you talk with your hands? Do you make eye contact? Do you fidget in your seat? Take the time to observe these slight distractions that may take away from what you are actually saying.
2. Look over sample interview questions. A lot of colleges will start and finish the interview with similar types of questions. For example, be ready to answer a question about why you are interested in “college x” as you start an interview and be ready to close with an answer to “Is there anything you else you think we should know about you as we make our decision on your application?”
3. Brush up on the school you are visiting before you get to the interview. Whether you do this in advance of your trip or in the backseat of the car while your parents drive between college tours make sure you know which school you are headed to for your interview. Double check that you have a general sense of the school offerings, size, majors, etc.
4. Be prepared with questions on hand. Keep a list of questions handy that you can ask if they give you time to do so. The kinds of questions a student asks can tell an admissions counselor a lot about their interests. However, make sure you aren’t asking questions you can simply find in the guidebook for the college. Make the questions specific to you and your desire to learn more about the university.
5. Be genuine. Admission counselors who conduct lots of interviews are quite adept at reading students. You may be nervous and that’s fine, just make sure you are being yourself and being honest.
Quick tip for when you arrive at the interview:
Dress appropriately and arrive early!
Quick tip for when you leave the interview:
Thank your the person who interviewed you, collect their business card and don’t forget to follow up with a thank you note!
Cara Ray
Educational Consultant in Colorado


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