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College of Wooster – Changing Lives


On a Friday afternoon in August, Mark visited the College of Wooster in Ohio, and was impressed by the personalized attention of the staff.
Watch this video to see how this Midwestern gem is changing lives of its students through its special liberal arts programs.

Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant 
Here’s the transcript if you’d like to read:
I’m here on the Campus of the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio.  And I could say that the College of Wooster is another one of those Mid-Western surprises I’ve had on this trip where you walk into the campus and are really shocked by how really wonderful it is.  I can’t say I was completely shocked because I knew from reputation that this is a really solid academic school.  It’s kind of under the radar screen for a lot of people but a fantastic little liberal arts college in Ohio.
The thing I wanted to mention is the way I visit colleges.  I tend not to go on the canned admission tours, I tend to just show up kind of unannounced without a lot of fanfare or giving them prior warning of my visit.  I walked into the Admissions Office today at4:15, okay it closes at 5.  Immediately they said, let’s get you in touch with the person, what are the admissions reps and he sat down with me, he talked with me about 40 minutes, he gave me kind of a personal tour of the campus as much as he could before he had to run off to pick up his wife.  But really took a personalized – he gave me personal attention.  And that’s really indicative of what the College of Wooster is all about is spending the time and the energy and giving personal attention to each and every student.
Loren Pope put the College of Wooster in his book 40 Colleges that Changed Lives and, you know, it’s not surprising just my little experience here on an August day when the campus is pretty dead to walk into the Admissions Office and get a lot of personalized attention.  We just met with the professor he was walking out of his office, stood there and talked with us for a few minutes, really impressive place.  Yes, the landscaping and the architecture yes that’s kind of a surprise to me because it really does kind of help to get a feel of the physical plant of a college, but really by reputation College of Wooster is one of those places that they take – maybe their students are diamonds in the rough not necessarily the tippy top academically.  They will take students who have academic potential and they will mold them into scholars.  That is really the hallmark of an education here at Wooster, excellent education, someplace that is definitely off the radar screen for a lot of students but it shouldn’t be.  This is a high value education and it deserves more attention.


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