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College Visits: Counselor on the Road in Ohio


Last week I spent a cold but lovely morning at Ohio Wesleyan University, a small liberal arts college in the appealing town of Delaware, Ohio.  Having gone to college at Miami of Ohio, I have long been familiar with the school, but have never been on campus.   I met with the gracious and enthusiastic Colorado admissions representative, Pat Kelly.  We discussed  merit aid, my biggest area of interest,  and much more.  Here is what I learned.

  • Although transcripts are reviewed individually, a student with a rigorous high school course load who has a 28 ACT and a 3.5 GPA is likely eligible for a $17,000 merit aid, with the possibility of more.
  • They invite top students to compete to be a Schubert Scholar, offering at least $1,000 additional assistance per year, up to  full tuition, room and board.
  • They have just opened a gorgeous new aquatic center.
  • Across the curriculum, they are committed to study of global issues, and their student body is 10% international; students come from over 50 countries.  In a school with just less than 2,000 undergraduates, the campus had a decidedly international feeling.
  • 50% of their student body comes from Ohio, so the remaining 40% come to “O Woo” from 47 states.
  • They offer a Summer Science Research Symposium in which  students can tackle research issues  for 10 weeks, both on and off campus, with  accomplished mentors.
  • Service is a big part of the OWU experience; there are six spring break “mission trips” offered each year, among them to an orphanage in Chicago, a homeless shelter in NYC,  a Dakota reservation, and El Salvador.
  • Pat said that they were known for being a friendly campus.  I could not agree more.

This small homey school has a great deal to offer.   Enjoy the OWU video on the home page, and you’ll feel like you were right there with me.
Barb Elbot
Educational Consultant


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