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Common Application–Record Numbers of College Applicants and Applications


News from the Common Application today indicates that the numbers of students using the online system to submit standard applications to multiple colleges  is up again this year.

  • As of January 15, 2.1 million students had submitted the Common App to one or more schools, surpassing the entire volume of applications last year. About one quarter of all these applications were submitted on a single day, December 31.
  • A total number of 495,450 students had submitted applications, up 17% over last year.
  • This means that students submitted an average of 4.24 applications each.

One bit of good news, however:  the essay prompts for the Common Application itself will not change for next year.  So juniors, you can  start writing those essays now without fear that you’ll have written on a topic that is obsolete.
Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant


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