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Dartmouth College’s Distinctive D-Plan Makes Summer Classes Fun


Senior Consultant, Cara Ray, visits Dartmouth College and learns more about their unique “D-plan.” Watch the video to see more or read the transcription below.

During a recent visit to Dartmouth College I spent a little time learning about Dartmouth’s unique “D-plan.” At Dartmouth, the campus operates on a quarter system where students have the opportunity to decide which terms they are on campus and which terms they do an off campus program. During their off-terms students may participate in a study abroad program, internship or any number of valuable educational experiences.
However, one of the interesting parts of this structure is that all students are required to have an on campus term during their sophomore summer. So, even though some students across the country may think that summer school sounds like a drag, students at Dartmouth actually love the chance to be in Hanover, NH in the summer. There are such a wide variety of outdoor opportunities in the Upper Valley during the summer months. Students go hiking, swimming in the Connecticut River, visit local farmer’s markets and much more. In addition, with all the sophomores together in summer it gives their class a wonderful chance to bond together. A wide variety of classes are offered to students in the summer, many specifically targeted toward sophomores, so Dartmouth students can make sure they are fulfilling specific prerequisite courses and getting to know their professors well in small classes and in a more relaxed atmosphere.
So, the next time you are thinking that summer classes may not sound like a lot of fun, think again, and maybe even as you are considering what college to apply to it would be worth looking to see if the college offers classes in the summer.
Cara Ray
Educational Consultant


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