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Dealing With College Rejection Letters


I recently had the privilege to contribute to an article on SafeBee entitled “Handling the Stress of College Rejection Letters.” While receiving one can sting, it’s important that prospective college students and their parents don’t hit the panic button. As well as keep in mind that college admissions is a complex process. There is an array of reasons an applicant is or isn’t accepted. In essence, don’t take it personally.

Here’s an excerpt:

With the arrival of spring comes one of the most anticipated (and feared) periods in a high school senior’s life. That time of year when many of them will receive acceptance (or rejection) letters from colleges and universities across the country.

By April 1, most high school seniors will learn whether or not they made the college cut for the fall.

Like any rejection, being turned down by a college can sting.

“Receiving a rejection letter from the college of your choice can be a really difficult experience for high school students,” says Mark Montgomery. A former college professor and administrator and founder of Montgomery Consulting. A Denver, Colorado firm that helps families with the college admissions process. “For many talented students, this may be the first time they have ever been faced with rejection.”

If a letter says “no thanks,” it’s important for your teen to realize it’s not the end of the world.

Mark Montgomery
Expert Educational Consultant


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