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Do College Essays Matter?


As students toil on their applications, they often wonder, do the essays make a difference?
The answer is YES, you bet those college essays matter! And they often help a student not only get into the college, they also help them pay for that college.
A Pacific Palisades mom recently reported to me that her child not only got into a top tier college, he also earned a substantial scholarship.
The student didn’t get the merit aid for athletics or academics or community service.  No, he was awarded the money because he wrote a great essay. How do I know that? Because the college actually said that in their scholarship letter!
As educational consultants, we know the value of a good essay. It’s not only a chance to stand out and get accepted by the college, it’s also a chance to make the college want you even more so that they’ll throw money at you.
Educational consultants offer many services for the college bound set, but one of those most important is guiding students with their essays. Give us a shout if you’re interested in learning more.
Juliet Giglio
Educational Consultant in Californiacollege essay turtle


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